Remember this moment!
You are making a choice now:
Do you want to help Ukrainians learn a new profession?
Thousands of people have lost their jobs because of the war.
You can help a Ukrainian partially pay for education .
Choice31 - is an online University of current knowledge and vocations. We create a safe space where you can self-search, acquire new skills or obtain a new profession. We teach online. The key is your motivation, not your location.
We give knowledge, not content
What would you like to learn?
All areas
#No experience
We are practitioners
Choice31 is created by a real business - a group of companies Netpeak. We operate in the market and hence profoundly understand type of people it needs.
Online, but from real world.
Knowledge ≠ content
Knowledge that will allow you to grow, not just within your career, but that adds to your self-growth.
We give knowledge, not content.
Start to think big, do not be afraid to experiment and learn out of mistakes.
Cheering for science
To make your neurons run wild, we use the power of science. All sessions last approximately 18 minutes.
Start learning
That is what your brain may process at a time.
We are confident on what is to be taught. In the last 15 years, Netpeak nurtured more than 1500 specialists. It is your turn to become a professional.
Short, to the point.
We will teach you how to market yourself
We do not promise you a “guaranteed employment”, but we will teach you how to properly market yourself: create your CV, draft cover letters and pass interviews. The whole scope that will secure you a job offer.
Pass interviews
Start working straight after the course
Create a CV
Draft cover letters
We are working in cooperation with the leaders of the market
That means that you will not have to “knock on the closed doors” when applying. We will simply pass your CV to the potential employers.
New job
Potential employers
Leaders of the market
Partner companies
Referrals get you the best spots, including Choice31. We created referral programme where everyone involved benefits. You are getting remuneration for each referral.
We are securing a student. The student is acquiring knowledge and a bonus of $20.

Behind each great product there is a team of great people.
Here they are.
We share the useful thoughts