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“Be Brave Like Ukraine”: an online course about courage through history and culture

"Be Brave Like Ukraine" is an online course created in Ukraine about how Ukrainian identity and courage were formed. This educational product became a logical continuation of the international advertising campaign "Bravery to be Ukraine".

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Replace russian services

In this article, we will talk about russian services and what alternatives are available to them.

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Her story | How the CEO of a Ukrainian startup works during the war

One month ago, the young Ukrainian startup Choice31 was developing new products. But at one point the war ruined all plans. Now the CEO of an educational startup, Evgenia Glizer, is trying to save the company and her country.

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Supporting Ukraine: The response of European startups and how to help

Ukrainian startup Choice31 is dedicated to online education. In simple words, it helps to enter IT without technical skills. The company transfers 50% of all sales to the official aid fund for those who suffered from the war.

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How to create an online university of real professions: case study by Choice31

In the last few years, we can see how the Ukrainian market has been actively growing and developing. However, despite the overheating demand for specialists in some of its areas, the issue of the selection of quality workers of classical and non-classical professions remains relevant.

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